Books for the Holidays

By Family Tree Editors Premium

African-American Holiday Traditions: Celebrating with Passion, Style and Grace by Antoinette Broussard (Birch Lane Press, $22.50)

Christmas around the World series (Bridgestone Books, $18.60 per volume): How the holidays are celebrated in England, France, Russia, Australia, Greece, Brazil and other countries.

Encyclopedia of Christmas by Tanya Gulevich (Omnigraphics, $24.95)

Folklore of World Holidays edited by Robert Griffin and Ann Shurgin (Gale Group, $165)

Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World Dictionary, 2nd edition, by Helene Henderson and Sue Ellen Thompson (Omnigraphics, $88)

Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture by Maulana Karenga (University of Sankore Press, $24.95)

The Latino Holiday Book: From Cinco de Mayo to Dia de los Muertos, the Celebrations and Traditions of Hispanic-Americans (Marlowe & Co., $15.95)

Holiday cookbooks
The Christmas Cookbook: Recipes to Celebrate the Festive Season by Sue Maggs (Southwater Publishing, $12.95)

Fast & Festive Meals for the Jewish Holidays: Complete Menus, Rituals, and Party-Planning Ideas for Every Holiday of the Year by Marlene Sorosky, Joanne Neuman and Debbie Shahvar (William Morrow & Co., $27)

The Festive Christmas Cookbook: A Treasury of Old Traditions, Recipes and Lore of the Christmas Season by Norma Jost Voth (Budget Book Service, $9.99)

Holiday Cooking around the World (Lerner Publishing, $7.95)

A Kwanzaa Keepsake: Celebrating the Holiday with New Traditions and Feasts by Jessica Harris (Fireside, $14)