Burke’s Beefs Up Content

By Susan Wenner Jackson Premium

Had a chance to peruse the Burke’s Peerage & Gentry Web site at <> yet? This major British genealogical resource is making its online presence even more worthwhile with three new services. The first is Burke’s Landed Gentry Ireland at <>. This site features the 19th edition of Burke’s Landed Gentry, volume 2, which records centuries of significant but non-titled Irish land owners and their family histories. The Burke’s Ireland collection includes articles and other helpful resources.

Burke’s Peerage also added 1,600 records of American families with British heritage. This series established direct-line pedigrees of “distinguished” families by documenting births, deaths and marriages in consecutive generations. Most recently, the American Presidential Families collection became part of the site. This collection contains the family history, full genealogical record and family tree for each US president, plus a personal essay.

From the February 2003 issue of Family Tree Magazine.