Celebrity Site-ings

By Rhonda McClure Premium

The Internet has brought all sorts of information about celebrities into our homes. But the key to using Web resources is understanding that fan sites often “borrow” biographical writeups from other sites, perpetuating misinformation. For that reason, I usually start my celebrity research with these reliable resources:

<>: Visit this site for short biographies on a variety of celebrities, not just actors and actresses.

E! Online

<>: The online version of the celebrity-gossip television network offers biographical information for actors and actresses.

Find A Grave
<>: Search this massive database for burial information on the famous and infamous.

Hollywood Underground

<>: Find information about the final resting places of famous people buried in and around Los Angeles. This is a good site if you’re thinking about visiting the cemetery in person.

The Internet Movie Database

<>: Look here for details about anyone in the motion-picture and television industries, not just actors and actresses.

<>: Search for articles about the motion-picture and television industries. Subscribe to read the full stories.
From the October 2003 Family Tree Magazine.