Child’s Play

Child’s Play

How to keep kids interested and engaged at the family reunion.

You’ll probably have some youngsters on your tour who aren’t yet interested in genealogical pursuits. But a few carefully planned activities can keep the kids engaged – and perhaps even plant the seed for the next generation of family history buffs.

• Family treasure: Send young children on a fun and informative treasure hunt. At each stop, ask them to find a family history related object, such as a date marker on a schoolhouse or the initials Grandpa carved in a tree. Award a prize to the child who finds the most objects by the end of the tour.

• History rub: Have children make rubbings of gravestones, cornerstones, plaques and other historical markers along the route. At the end, ask the kids to tell the adults about each rubbing-what the dates and designs mean, why the site is important to your family, and so on. (See the December 2006 Family Tree Magazine for tombstone-rubbing tips.)

• Play time: Using tour sights and sounds, as well as their imaginations, older kids can write a skit about children their age who might have lived during a particular time in your family’s history. Ask them to perform it for whole family at the end of the tour.

From the July 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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