Cincinnati Public Library Tour

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Looking for a good place to conduct offline research? One of the country’s best libraries for genealogy is located right near our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this video, the editors of Family Tree Magazine tour the Cincinnati Public Library’s Main Branch in Downtown Cincinnati to explore some of the resources available for genealogists to use. Learn how to tap into the Cincinnati Public Library’s census and immigration records and extensive map collection. You can also access valuable local historical resources, including school board reports, fire insurance maps and high school and college yearbooks. The library has also been expanding and digitizing its collection of city directories to include cities in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, and boasts an impressive collection of resources for genealogists researching African-American ancestors, including a complete set Freedmen’s Bureau records and records of African-American divisions in the Civil War. The library’s Inland Rivers Library also has information about ancestors that worked on or traveled along the Ohio River and its tributaries.

You can learn more about the Cincinnati Public Library’s genealogy collections at <> or view its collections online.