Coming To America Toolkit

Coming To America Toolkit

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Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation 52 Vanderbilt Ave. New York, NY 10017-3898 (212) 883-1986, fax (212) 883-1069 <>

Ellis Island Oral History Project (212) 363-5807, fax (212) 363-6302 e-mail:

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Ellis Island: The Official Souvenir Guide by B. Colin Hamblin (Companion Press)

Ellis Island and the Peopling of America: The Official Guide by Virginia Yans-McLaughlin and Marjorie Lightman (New Press)

They Became Americans: Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Dennis L SzuCS (Ancestry Inc.)

Ellis Island Interviews: In Their Own Words by Peter Morton Coan (Checkmark)

Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life by Roger Daniels (HarperPerennial)

The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook by Tom Bernardin (Tom Bernardin Inc.)
From the January 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine


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