Resources for Finding Your Ancestors’ Death Records

Resources for Finding Your Ancestors’ Death Records

Searching for your ancestors' death records? Track them down with help from these genealogy books and websites.

Websites Birth, Marriage and Death
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Where to Write for Vital Records
Cyndi’s List: Death Records
Glossary of Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death
Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records
US Census Bureau: Mortality Schedules
The USGenWeb Project
World Vital Records

Publications and Resources

The American Blue Book of Funeral Directors (Kates-Boylston)
Birth, Marriage and Death Records: A Guide for Family Historians by David Annal and Audrey Collins
(Pen and Sword)
Cemetery Research on the Internet by Nancy Hendrickson (Green Pony Press)
The Family Tree Sourcebook: The Essential Guide to American County and Town Sources by the editors of Family Tree Magazine (Family Tree Books)
The History of Death: Burial Customs and Funeral Rites, from the Ancient World to Modern Times by Michael Kerrigan (Lyons Press)
My Ancestor Died of Scarlet Fever: Family History, Diseases and Death Certificates by Ruth Alexandra Symes (Portrayer Publishers)
Tracing Your Ancestors Through Death Records: A Guide for Family Historians by Celia Heritage
(Pen and Sword)
Your Guide to Cemetery Research by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack (Betterway)

From the October/November 2013 Family Tree Magazine

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