December 2010 Genealogy Insider Book Remarks

December 2010 Genealogy Insider Book Remarks

Add these books to your genealogy reading list.

Italian roots seekers will find help in the beginner’s guide Finding Your Italian Ancestors by Suzanne Russo Adams (Turner Publishing). Adams offers instruction for getting started and using microfilmed Italian records through the Family History Library. She’ll also show you what you can find online and in Italian archives.

Paul Harding won the Pulitzer for his debut novel Tinkers (Bellevue Literary Press), about a dying grandfather’s musings. The story traces the man’s life back to his childhood in Maine, when his father was a tinker and traveling salesman. Family dynamics emerge against the backdrop of a 19th-century horse-and-carriage world.

The Color of the Land: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Land Ownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929 by David A. Chang (University of North Carolina Press) reveals the history of Creek Indians, blacks and whites in Oklahoma. Chang covers the 1830s forced removal of the Creeks, slavery, statehood, and the private land ownership that led to sharecropping and white supremacy.

Buzzy Jackson’s on a quest to trace her family history. In Shaking the Family Tree: Blue Bloods, Black Sheep, and Other Obsessions of an Accidental Genealogist (Touchstone), Jackson navigates an ocean of genealogy seminars, societies and cruises to learn how seasoned genealogists find their ancestors. The research tactics won’t be new to most, but you’ll relate to the fun she has tromping through cemeteries and tracing her ancestry.

From the December 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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