December 2010 Everything’s Relative

December 2010 Everything’s Relative

Tales from the lighter side of family history.

Strike a Pose
All those unsmiling old photos make us think of our ancestors as stern people. But your funny ancestral pics beg to differ. The readers who shared these examples of old-fashioned levity caught on film will receive the Family Tree Pocket Reference.
1. It was a bad hair day for both Robert Reiman, the father of a Durham, SC, reader who shares his dad’s name, and his horse, Calvin, who went for this ride around 1934.
2. We’d love to know what Spofford, NH, reader Barbara A. Tourgee’s mother, Catherine Donahue (seated on the pot) and her friend Fran Smith are up to in this early 1940s image, but the cause for their clowning remains a mystery.
3. Unbeknownst to the more-mature members of the King family—gathered for son Rufus’ Army homecoming—little Leroy (center front; uncle to Lehigh Acres, Fla., reader Deborah Herron) thought he’d attract some attention of his own. 
December Challenge: Supersize Families
Forget the Duggars and the Gosselins, two famously large reality-TV families. We know many of your relatives raised their own big broods (before TLC was around to televise it). Tell us about your ancestral family with the most offspring. If we include your entry in Family Tree Magazine, we’ll send you a copy of Family Tree Legacies to help you keep track of all those kids.

To enter: E-mail your story (less than 100 words) with the subject Everything’s Relative/December 2010 to
Remember: You must include your mailing address to win. We can’t acknowledge entries. By submitting, you give Family Tree Magazine permission to feature your contribution in all print and electronic media.

From the December 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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