Comparing the 5 Major DNA Tests: Living DNA

By Shannon Combs Bennett Premium

best dna test comparison living

Thus far in our seven-part series, we’ve discussed my personal experiences with AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, and 23andMe. This time I’m discussing testing with Living DNA.

When Living DNA kits started selling a few years ago, I was intrigued. They advertise that their results were “twice the detail of other ancestry tests.” I thought, wow that is quite impressive. Plus, they give you details on your direct maternal line and if you are male your direct paternal line. This company does not currently offer user matches for finding relatives, but announced earlier this year that they plan to launch matching as part of their Family Networks service this Fall. Family Networks will build our customers’ family trees based only on their DNA, age and gender. You can read much more in the Living DNA blog.

best dna test comparison

Depending on what you would like to do with your results not having a match list may not be a big deal. One unique feature exclusive to Living DNA is a book. You can purchase a book of all your results, with detailed explanations of the autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y-chromosome DNA results. I am a book person, and I can only take so much screen time. The book was a bit of a splurge but well worth it in my opinion. I have loaned to it family and brought it to show people what my results said. No need to rely on a WIFI connection to get on a website!

Living DNA Family

To give the best details on autosomal DNA ethnicity results Living DNA states they use a process of analysis using linked DNA which is unique to their site. I was impressed with a large number of geographic-specific locations they could drill down. One thing to keep in mind. This is a UK based company. As such, they drill deep into the different parts of the British Isles. Outside of the UK, and indeed Europe, the ethnic analysis is on a large scale.

The history geek in me appreciated the amount of information provided about the migration patterns of our ancestors. I think that type of information can lead us to clues about our family just as quickly as the DNA segments we share with someone. Similar to the Ancestry Genetic Communities feature, Living DNA also gives you information about significant migrations patterns. The big exception is their migration timeline goes back thousands of years.

In the seventh and final article in this series, I’ll be sharing my final thoughts on DNA testing. Be sure to check back!

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