Everything’s Relative: April 2004

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Frosty Photo?

It was December 1945. My big brother, Don Wright, had completed two years of Army training and was going overseas. A visit to the photographer was in order. Our sister, Doris — always a fashion plate — wore a smart suit and pinned a perky hat onto her updo. Don, of course, proudly wore his uniform, complete with cap. So for consistency’s sake, the photographer decided that I should wear my coat and hat, too. Unfortunately, my hat was a gigantic fur hood. Years later, my husband looked at this picture and dubbed us “Sadie, Nanook and Joe.”

Jean Paschke, Melrose, Minn.

Will Power

It’s a will of little more than 200 words, but, oh, how Kate Daub chose those words. I discovered this will (recorded in Lebanon County, Pa., Will Volume 1, page 229) when I was historian of the Daub family reunion and working on a book about the family:

I, Kate Daub, widow residing at 344 N. 12th Street, in the city of Lebanon, Pa., do make and publish my last will and testament, as follows:

To my youngest child, Mary, wife of Levi Keller, I give nothing, because she never tried to please me and was not obedient to my wishes. To my oldest son, Rolandus, I give nothing, because, some years ago, I have good reason to believe be made an unsuccessful attempt to kill me. Jere Gamber is to have his borne in my house as long as be lives, rent free, and in case he needs help Adam Bombergers is hereby directed and ordered to give him cash whenever necessary and charge the same against my estate. At the death of said jere Gamber it is my wish that my two other children, Lizzie and Harry, shall give him a decent burial. All my just debts are to be paid, and the remainder of my whole estate, real and personal, I give, devise, bequeath unto my two children, Lizzie and Harry, executors of this my last will and testament. I give unto my grandchild, Carrie Allwein, my white sewing machine. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this tenth day of March A.D. 1902.

Kate Daub

Witnesses: Aaron Sattezabn, Robt. L. Miller

According to one of Rolandus’ descendants, the family rumor was that Rolandus “went over the mountain because he was in trouble with the law.” In the mid-1800s, “over the mountain” from Lebanon County was Schuylkill County, separated by the then-substantial barrier of the Blue Mountain.

As for Jere Gamber, he is listed as Kate Daub’s “housekeeper” in the 1900 US census. Readers can draw their own conclusions!

James M. Beidler, Jonestown, Pa.

Pet Project

A fellow genealogist friend of mine excitedly fold me that his uncle had given him an old family Bible. My friend added the names of all the children and their dates of birth and death to his family tree, but thought it odd that all the individuals in one group died around the same youthful age. In addition, all had the middle initial H or M. Something wasn’t quite right, so he called his uncle and asked what was up. His uncle laughed. Several of the listed names were children of the Bible’s owner. The other names belonged to his horses and mules. He was as fond of them as he was of his children, and listed their births and deaths side by side!

Terry Spear, Crawford, Texas

From the April 2004 Family Tree Magazine