Genealogy Website Search Tutorial: The FamilySearch Online Catalog

Genealogy Website Search Tutorial: The FamilySearch Online Catalog

Here's how to search the FamilySearch online catalog for Genealogy resources about your ancestors. This article includes a short Genealogy How-To Video that will show you how to search the Catalog, step-by-step.

Having trouble using the FamilySearch online catalog? A search for the place an ancestor lived is often the best way to start locating materials in the FamilySearch online catalog that might relate to your search.

For this example, we’re looking for marriage records of people who lived in Ripley County, Indiana:

1. Choose the Place search and begin typing the name of the place. Select from the type-ahead options. (If your search results come up empty, try searching for a broader jurisdiction, such as Indiana instead of Ripley County.)
2. Click on Keywords to add a keyword to your search, and type marriage. Click Search.
3. Review your results. The results page shows county information, a link to catalog listings for places within Ripley County, and links to catalog listings for church and vital records that may contain the marriage information we’re looking for. 

See a full video on how to use the FamilySearch Catalog here:


A version of this article appeared in the the October/November 2014 Family Tree Magazine

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