Find Vietnam Vets on Virtual Wall

Find Vietnam Vets on Virtual Wall

Footnote creates a free online version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Historical records Web site Footnote <> made news earlier this year by launching a free online version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

The black granite wall bears 58,320 engraved names of armed forces members who died or went missing while serving in the Vietnam War. Names may be added on Memorial Day each year as the Department of Veterans Affairs receives new information about soldiers.

Footnote’s interactive wall features a database of soldiers’ names, each linked to a photo of the engraved name. The images are from a 460-foot photograph of the wall, consisting of 6,301 separate images “stitched” together.

To find a name, you can search, browse by category (such as hometown) or navigate around the giant photo. Search results and name images link to more details, including the person’s hometown, rank, decorations, religion, marital status, birth date and death date and cause.

Most of Footnote’s digitized historical records are available with a subscription or on a pay-per-view basis, but the virtual Vietnam veterans wall exhibit is among the site’s free offerings.
From the September 2008 Family Tree Magazine. 

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