Finland Resources

Finland Resources

Explore this list of web and print resources, as well as our English to Finnish genealogy glossary, to learn more about tracing your Finnish roots.


Cyndi’s List: Finland



Finland’s Family History Association

Finnish Grammar

Genealogical Society of Finland

Google Translate

Helsinki City Library

HisKi Project

Minnesota Finnish Pages

National Archives Service of Finland

National Land Survey of Finland

The Fabulous Family Holomolaiset: A Minnesota Finnish Family’s Oral Tradition by Patricia Eilola (North Star Press)

Finns in Wisconsin by Mark Knipping (Wisconsin Historical Society Press)

Finnish Touches: Recipes & Traditions (Penfield Books) 

Hometown Folks: A Finnish-American Saga by Gerald F. Carlson (North Star Press)

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Finnish Genealogy Glossary

English: Finnish

born: syntynyt
brother: veli
child(ren): lapsi, lapset
church register: kirkonkirja
cousin: serkku
daughter: tytär, tr.
died: kuollut, kuoli
family (extended): suku
family (immediate): perhe
father: isä
Finnish: suomalainen
grandfather: isoisä
grandmother: isoäiti
husband: mies
marriage/married: avioliitto/vihitty, vih
month: kuukausi, kuu
mother: äiti
name, given: nimi
name, family: sukunimi
parents: vanhemmat, v:t
parish: seurakunta, srk.
single: naimatotn(na), n:ton
sister: sisko, sisar
son: poika
Swedish: ruotsalainen
widow: leski
wife: vaimo

From the September 2010 Family Tree Magazine

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