Four Fun Family Photo Projects

Four Fun Family Photo Projects

Don’t keep family photos to yourself! Try these four fun family photo projects.

Anyone who enjoys family history and photographs knows that photos are meant to be shared. Fortunately, the digital revolution makes it fun and easy to share photos—and details about them—in projects everyone will enjoy.
Blankets, mugs, mousepads, wall calendars and more all can be personalized with digital photos or documents from your family history research. Try each of these four fun family photo projects to take your photos from old-school to mod!
Don’t forget to Pin each project if you don’t have time to make each project now!

DIY Pedigree Pennant Bunting Project


Family Photo Project

How To Make a Family Collage

Family Photo Project

 Vintage Recipe Card Project

Family Photo Project 

DIY Genealogy Scarf Project 


 Family Photo Project
Want more fun DIY genealogy projects? Visit Family Tree Magazine’s Pinterest for more crafts you can do with the whole family. 

A version of this article appears in the October/November 2016 issue of Family Tree Magazine.  


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