Genea-Centric Social Networking Sites

Genea-Centric Social Networking Sites

Family history’s the focus in these nine online social networks.

Looking for social networks where family history’s the focus? The following sites let you pick up research tips in chats and on forums, post thoughts on the latest resources, share pictures with relatives or collaborate on projects.

Brought to you by the developers of GenealogyWise, this app can work with Facebook, but it doesn’t have to. Create a profile and FamilyLink will search for relatives already on the network. Or invite your e-mail contacts or Facebook friends. You can create a profile, set up pages for family events, add photos, create a family tree and more.

Explore the offerings on this free site by watching the video tour. Build family trees, share photos and collaborate.

Often called GenWise for short, this free site is like a genealogy-only Facebook: Create a profile, form groups based on research interests or surnames, find relatives, upload photos, write blog posts and join chats. 

Social networking meets genetic genealogy on this site, where you can build a family tree with DNA test results.

In addition to networking with family, you can build a family tree, invite relatives to collaborate and merge your research with theirs. A basic account is free.

This free site lets you collaborate on building family trees, share photos and keep a family calendar. It’s perfect for family reunion planners.
This site lets you create a family home page with pictures, events and ancestral information. The basic plan is free; paid plans offer more storage.
Create a family website relatives around the world can view in a range of languages. Basic sites are free.

A partnership between the Foundation for Online Genealogy and the Allen County Public Library, this site’s wiki format makes sharing a cinch. You create a profile page for an ancestor, and others can add data.

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