Genealogy Clues in Greek Last Names

By Thomas MacEntee Premium
Greek Surnames last names place origin
Greece, Europe


Certain Greek surname suffixes are associated with various parts of Greece, providing clues to where a family might have originated. Here are common place-based suffixes:
  • akis: Crete and the Aegean Islands
  • akos: Laconia
  • as: Macedonia and the Epirus
  • atos or –etos: Ionian islands
  • eas: Messenian part of the Mani peninsula
  • allis or –ellis: Dodecanese islands, mainly Rhodes
  • iadia or –iades: Asia Minor
  • idis or –ides: Asia Minor
  • lis: Turkey
  • oglou: Asia Minor
  • ou: Cyprus
  • opoulos: originally Peloponnesus, but now widespread throughout Greece
From the May/June 2012 issue of Family Tree Magazine