Find Genealogy Help on Social Media

By Madge Maril Premium
A big part of genealogy research is connecting with others who can share answers about the blank leaves on your family tree. Social media websites give you the perfect tools for the job. Online groups and feeds offer a potentially worldwide reach, helping you get in touch with distant cousins and tap into the research experience of other family historians.
Start by signing up for a membership with the host social media site—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Then search the site for the word “genealogy” and a place or topic of interest, or go to the URL for one of the groups shown here. Look for a link to join, follow or friend. Note that with most Facebook groups, an admin must approve your membership before you can participate. Let these groups and feeds connect you to the worldwide genealogy conversation. 

RootsWeb Genealogists

Created for fans of the volunteer-run RootsWeb genealogy site <>, this Facebook group gathers nearly 20,000 genealogists. It’s a go-to group for questions about using RootsWeb, and members often will weigh in on your research questions. 

DNA Newbie

Unsure what DNA test to take or how to understand your results? This group of 6,000 will help answer your questions and point you in the right direction to scientific resources perfect for your unique family tree. 

The Organized Genealogist

If you’re one of the many genealogists who struggle with organizing their research documents and information, you’ll find tips, inspiration and camaraderie in this Facebook group.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

RAOGK, as this Facebook group’s 23,000-plus members call it, carries on the helping spirit of the RAOGK website (where users request and do free record lookups in their home libraries or at local archives). It’s a great group for asking questions about researching ancestors in distant US locales.

German Genealogy

From translating old documents to researching traditions about sterling silver christening spoons, this Facebook group’s active user base of 16,400 genealogists helps one another out with their Germanic family trees.

The Genealogy Center

For daily genealogy tips and inspiration, follow @Genealogycenter on Instagram. It shares resources and news from the Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Ind. It’s the home of the country’s largest public library family history collection.

US National Archives

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) <> uses its Twitter feed to share historical photos and documents from its collection, in addition to news and events. Have a question about NARA’s resources? Just tweet your query to @UsNatArchives. 

Genealogy Tip Jar

This Pinterest board’s free collection of quick research tips, genealogy infographics, old handwriting charts and how-to guides is addictive—and might potentially shed new light onto challenging areas of your research. 

Family Tree Magazine

Our Pinterest boards hold pins on old maps, genealogy tips, mystery photos, free family history downloads and more, as well as free videos from our team of research experts. Since it’s Pinterest, we have a little fun, too: Bring your family stories to life with help from our boards dedicated to DIY family history crafts and new takes on old family recipes.