Best FREE Genealogy Websites of 2017: Genealogy Map Websites

Best FREE Genealogy Websites of 2017: Genealogy Map Websites

Locate the places where your ancestors lived, take a look at the neighborhood and start your land records searches on these free genealogy websites.


Researchers with African ancestors will find plenty of “wow” factor—and clues to where those family members came from—at this spectacular site from Harvard’s Center for Geographical Analysis. Historical overlays and geographical data trace the slave trade across the Atlantic and the continent.

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

With its interactive features restored and fresh enhancements added, this Newberry Library website is back to being the best place to trace shifting county lines and the records that went with them.

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

A 1932 atlas with nearly 700 maps meets 2017 technology at this slick University of Richmond site. Maps have been augmented here in ways impossible in print, animated to show change over time or made clickable to view the underlying data.

Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records 

Newly being scanned at this federal land records treasure-trove are Control Document Index documents covering public lands, proclamations and withdrawals. These additions will be linked to the existing databases of more than 5 million land titles dating from 1820, plus images of survey plats and field notes.

David Rumsey Map Collection 

Pick your viewer—such as Google Maps or Google Earth—to explore the more than 76,000 geographic images in this collection. Overlaying historical maps with modern ones lets you see where your ancestral places are now.


Search by place or explore contributors’ collections in this collaborative project of “pinned” historic photos, plotted on Google Maps and matched to modern street views.

Meyers Gazetteer 

Finally you can search the most important of all German gazetteers, which aimed to list every place name in the German Empire (1871-1918). It gives the location of the civil registry office and parishes if any, along with other information about each place.

Osher Map Library

The University of Southern Maine is employing the latest imaging technology—a 60-megapixel camera to photograph large maps, a 3-D imager to render globes—to digitize its gigantic cartographic collection. Need a map of postal routes in the Dakota Territory? They’ve got one, and thousands more treasures.

US Geological Survey

The new historical topographic map viewer, TopoView, makes it easier to find places back when. Other clicks take you to historical maps, Geographic Names Information System, National Map and eye-popping satellite snapshots.

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