5 Stellar Genetic Genealogy Gifts

5 Stellar Genetic Genealogy Gifts

DNA is in—and the science of genetic genealogy becomes more advanced (and gets harder to understand) day by day. Check out these great gifts, selected by the editors of Family Tree Magazine, to help you and your loved ones better understand your test results.

Genetic genealogy is one of the fastest-growing areas of genealogy research, but it’s also one of the hardest to understand. If you or a relative need an extra boost in your research—or just want to dig deeper into DNA—check out these five great gifts for the genetic genealogist in your family:

1. The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

This book, written by DNA expert and author of The Genetic Genealogist blog Blaine Bettinger, covers all the basics of DNA, from selecting the test and testing company that will best break down your roadblocks to interpreting results (including ethnicity estimates) and applying them to your research. The book also contains detailed guides to each of the major genetic-genealogy tests, plus worksheets for recording information about your DNA cousins. Individual chapters on using third-party tools like GEDmatch and applying genetic genealogy to adoptee research will give you even more to do with your DNA results.

This guide is also available as a PDF download with fully typable worksheets and printable pages.

2. Tools to Analyze DNA Results Webinar

This hour-long presentation, given by genealogy blogger Shannon Combs-Bennett, covers several tools, tips and techniques for better understanding your DNA results and applying them to your research. You’ll learn what to expect from DNA results, plus how to analyze your results using the testing company’s tools and tools from other websites such as GEDmatch and DNAGedcom. You or your relative can view the webinar, which is in mp4-format, when, where and as often as you like. The download also comes with a PDF of the presenter’s slides, giving you another way to learn.

3. Genetic Genealogy Cheat Sheet

This at-a-glance download, perfect for DNA newbies, will give you strictly the basics of genetic genealogy: a breakdown of the different types of DNA tests, a Q&A to address common questions and concerns, an annotated guide to interpreting results, a glossary of key terms and a list of resources for further learning. Save this PDF to your device for quick reference, or print a paper copy to have on your desk or send to your relative.

4. All About AncestryDNA Webinar

Learn about AncestryDNA, the most popular DNA testing company, in this hour-long presentation from Blaine T. Bettinger. In it, you’ll learn detailed information about your AncestryDNA results, plus how to use the service’s features like hints, DNA Circles and cousin-matching. Like the DNA Results Webinar, this webinar comes in mp4 format and includes a PDF of the presenter’s slides.

5. Essential Family Tree Forms Library CD

 While not exclusively for genetic genealogy, this CD will help your organize and track your genealogy research. Fully typable and formatted to print on standard letter-size paper, these 75 forms will help you document facts about your ancestors, with checklists for a variety of record types: military records, census returns, passenger lists and more. You’ll also find family tree charts for recording relationships as well as forms for tracking family photos, heirlooms and traditions.

In addition to being sold separately, the first four of these gifts can also be found together at a discount as parts of the Genetic Genealogy MEGA Collection, which includes numbers one through four above and several other video downloads about DNA testing.


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