Genetically Linked

By David A. Fryxell Premium

Explore genetic genealogy through these sites:

BBC — Beyond the Broadcast: Surnames, Genes and Genealogy <>: This five-part series explores the link between genes and genealogy.

Cyndi’s List: Genetics, DNA & Family Health <>: Find links to articles, mailing lists and more.

Genealogy-DNA Mailing List <>: Talk to other genealogists interested in genetics.

The Molecular Genealogy Research Project <>: This research group aims to create “the world’s most comprehensive correlated genetic and genealogical database.”

MSNBC: Genetic Genealogy <>: Read an overview of the latest genealogy trend.

Ybase <>: Search this company’s Y-chromosome database for long-lost relatives who have had their DNA tested.
From the August 2003 Family Tree Magazine.