Visual Guide to House Styles

Visual Guide to House Styles

Discover more about your family's home life with this guide to the most popular architectural styles of homes.

So many important things happen in the family home, and homes can be invaluable places to learn about an ancestor’s  life and especially childhood. But what did that transformative home look like? Did your family live in a Federal or Foursquare? A Cape Cod or a Colonial Saltbox? As America has changed throughout the centuries, so too has its architecture. In this video, you will learn about some of the most popular house styles from each era of American history, helping you to identify the architectural style of your ancestor’s home and the rough time frame in which it was built. In addition to featuring the name and image of each housing style, this guide also provides contextual information that helps explain why each of these styles was once popular. By learning about the history of residential architecture, you can learn more about  the economic and social environments in which your family built or occupied a house, providing important information about your family’s life.

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