Genealogy How-To Videos

Genealogy How-To Videos

In our How-To video series, we break down specific genealogy tasks into short, instructional demos and step-by-step tutorials. These videos will appeal to customers who aren’t looking for a full hour-long presentation on a family history topic, but want to explicitly see how a function on,, Google and more can be used in their ancestor search.

Featured How-To Videos

Welcome to Family Tree Magazine‘s online video page—the place to see demonstrations of genealogy techniques and tools, get virtual tours of research repositories and resources, and watch the Family Tree Magazine team in action.

Below we’ll post our favorite clips, available exclusively to Family Tree Magazine VIPs. They cover topics from how to complete tasks on, and more. To view a video, simply click the play button in the center of the screen. You can pause and, using the slider bar at the bottom of the screen, rewind and fast-forward.

If you like what you see, visit our YouTube channel to watch additional free genealogy videos from Family Tree Magazine.

How to Fill Out a Family Tree Chart

Duration: 9:53
Description: Perplexed by pedigree charts? Unfamiliar with family group sheets? We’ll help you master these tools for recording your family tree in this step-by-step video. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • how to fill out an ancestor chart
  • how to fill out a family group sheet
  • rules for writing genealogy dates
  • rules for recording ancestor names
  • what to do if you’re missing information

Errors on Why They Happen & How to Correct Them

Duration: 4:55
Description: As you work your way through various genealogical records on, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll stumble upon errors, with spelling errors being the most common. These mistakes can be a major obstacle for you and for future genealogists trying to research their family tree. 
What You’ll Learn:
  • why errors occur on
  • how to correct them to prevent future 

How to Map Your Ancestor’s Land Online

Duration: 5:24
Description: This tutorial will visually walk you through the exact steps you must go through to precisely map your family’s land.
What You’ll Learn: 
  • how to plot your ancestor’s property on a map
  • how to use the website from the Bureau of Land Management General Land Office 
  • how to map information included on land records of your ancestor’s holdings

How to Search the Catalog

Duration: 5:51
Description: The Catalog is a feature of FamilySearch that is under-utilized by many genealogists, as it can lead you to important vital records, church records, history books and periodicals, to name a few. This tutorial will visually walk you through the exact steps you must go through to conduct a successful search within the Catalog.
What You’ll Learn:
  • what type of records are available on the FamilySearch Catalog
  • how to search for useful resources on your ancestors by Place name, Surname and Subject 

See all of our Genealogy How-To Videos here.

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