Keeping Up with Brother’s Keeper

By Susan Wenner Premium

Brother’s Keeper, a shareware genealogy program that helps you organize family history information and print a variety of charts and reports, has upgraded to version 6.0. The new, improved Brother’s Keeper offers:

• longer and more fields

• more relationships

• better sources

• longer file names

• more pictures and notes

• more people

• improved use with Windows 2000, USB printers and plotters

• ability to show witnesses to an event

• ability to reveal multiple names for a person

• ability to create HTML files from the group sheet screen.

Initially, the new version was available only in English; other languages are promised this spring. This Windows-only shareware is available on CD for $20 (after a 30-day free trial) and free to those who purchased the full 5.2 version after May 1, 2000. For all the details, see <>.

From the June 2001 issue of Family Tree Magazine