5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Genealogists

5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Genealogists

Suddenly realizing Halloween is only a week away? We have you covered with these 5 easy last minute Halloween costumes.

 1. Go as a genealogist’s best friend: a librarian.

This costume is perfect if you already wear glasses. If not, you can purchase clear lenses at most Halloween stores. Carry your favorite Family Tree book for an extra librarian chic touch. For a male take on this costume, simply switch out the dress for corduroys and pick up a blazer with elbow patches. 

2. Try on the signature outfit of someone We’re Related says you’re related to.

While We’re Related doesn’t prove without a doubt that you’re related to a famous person, it is a fun way to explore your genealogy and maybe find a new branch. Download the app for yourself and see which celebs are waiting to be found. For Michelle Obama (who almost everyone at the Family Tree office got in their tree!), a simple dress, an American flag pin and a string of pearls is all you need.

3. Dress up as the profession of an ancestor.


Going as a modern nurse for Halloween is cool, but replicating the uniform my grandma wore in the 1930’s when she met my grandfather, a war surgeon, is even cooler. Pick an ancestor who you feel connected to and honor their memory with this easy costume. This is also an easy excuse to wear a few family heirlooms if you have them, like my grandmother’s watch. 

4.  Literally a bookfairy. 

This costume leaves room for your imagination! This clever blogger used a dictionary and pages to make her costume. No need to slice and dice your favorite genealogy books, though. Find some articles here on Family Tree Magazine that help your genealogy and print them out at home to create the fairy skirt and wings.

5.  Find inspiration in a fairy tale or folk story from your family heritage.

Swan Lake, composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, is one of the most popular ballets of all time. As someone with Russian heritage, I grew up reading translated versions of the story and seeing it performed on stage. The fantastic tale inadvertently educated me on my Russian heritage. Choose a fairy tale or folk story from your own family to illustrate it this Halloween. 
All of the outfits above were made on Polyvore. Try the site out for yourself for more last minute Halloween costume inspiration! 

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