Legacy Projects Toolkit

Legacy Projects Toolkit

Find resources to help you create family history "heirlooms" your family will cherish.


? Do It Yourself: Memory Crafts


? Family Heirloom Projects


? Family History Projects and Crafts


? The Family History Store.com <www.thefamilyhistorystore.com>

? Legacy Project


? National Archives: Caring for Your Family Archives

<www.archives.gov/preservation/caring_for_ your_family_archives.html>

? The UnWritten: Saving Your Photo Stories for the Future



? Creating Family Newsletters: 123 Ideas for Sharing Memorable Moments With Family and Friends by Elaine Floyd (EFG

? “If These Walls Could Talk…” An Easy Guide to Tracking Your House’s Genealogy by Maurcia Delean Houck (Picton Press)

? Living Family History: Creating a Multimedia Biography by David A. Beardsley (iUniverse)

? Scrapbook Storytelling by Joanna Campbell-Slan (Memory Makers Books)

? Traditional Samplers by Brenda Keyes (David & Charles)

? Treasures Forever: Crafts for Keeping Family Memories by Connie Sheerin, Janet Pensiero (Rockport)
From the April 2005 Family Tree Magazine 

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