Preview of Legacy 4.0

By Susan Wenner Jackson Premium

Whether you get Legacy for free or are a paying customer, your genealogy software will do more for you in its newest version. Legacy 4.0 is full of new and improved features, both the Deluxe version and the Standard version (free download). Deluxe users will get the Chronology View and Report, which allows you to quickly see a person’s life events and print a timeline. They will also have Index View (displays all individuals in your family file and their vital data), alternative names showing up in the name list and the ability to add notes to location entries. Another addition to Legacy 4.0 is the Picture Center, which lets you view a list of pictures and a list of individuals, where you can assign them to each other.

Standard users won’t get all the bells and whistles of the Deluxe version, but will get quick data entry, a location index for reports, unlimited file size, comprehensive export ability, a Web page creator, multiple views and more. To learn about all of 4.0’s features or to order/download, visit Legacy’s Web site <>.

From the August 2002 issue of Family Tree Magazine