Making Connections: Christmas gifts, WWI draft cards, dolls

Making Connections: Christmas gifts, WWI draft cards, dolls

Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

Card Sharp

Thank you for the article “Wrapped in the Past” (January 2008). I’ve been trying to think of something different to give my mother-in-law for Christmas, and I selected playing cards because she plays bridge. I used her wedding photo on the cards. This is our 10th Christmas without my father-in-law, and I think this will be both a gift she can use and a reminder of that special day.

Gale Wall
Hutchinson, Kan.

Signing Off

You are so right to point out all the valuable information to be gleaned from WWI draft registration cards (“Over There,” November 2007). They’re one of the best sources I’ve found for an ancestor’s full name and birth date. Because the draftee wrote them in himself, I give the information a bit more credence than even census records, which often list abbreviations or nicknames as told by another family member. I was surprised you didn’t mention the young man’s signature. For many of my ancestors, the draft card is the only place I’ve found this gem.

Becky Forschler

Separated at Birth

I was so pleased to see in the September 2007 issue’s Preserving Memories a picture of my baby doll’s sister! I received the doll in 1945 as a Christmas present, and she has been with me during good times and bad. I still have the doll — named “Judy Junior” — and display her on my dresser. Thank you for the lovely picture, and keep serving up the good genealogy information.

Judy Rollins
Leesburg; Fla.

State of Achievement

In the years I’ve been compiling family histories, Family Tree Magazine has had a major hand in helping me achieve my goals. At age 86, I’m now looking for the missing pieces in my New York and Pennsylvania families, which I’ve traced to Switzerland and Prussia.

Rodger Dombrow
Lansdale, Pa.

From the March 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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