Making Connections: Family History Library, Mac Tricks, Polish Roots and Brick Wall Busters

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Small World

The article “Salt Lake City: What to Know Before You Go” (August) was quite insightful. Through the use of the Family Tree Maker program and with help from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my father was able to piece together our own family tree and bring many of our ancestors together. Because of my father, we now make overseas contact with the Valtille, Bossu and Laloux families in France who are directly related to us. Our family history is now accessible for other Roberts, too.


Elk Grove, Calif.

Mac Lovers, Unite!

Please, do not mention needing PCs in order to get good software (“Getting with the Program,” June). We love our Macs and believe that Windows is just a poor copy stolen from Macintosh in the first place. You should point out that Generations for PCs was originally for Macs and was the same as Reunion for Macs. There are some nice new features in version 7.

It’s often older people who work on genealogy and who get their first computer for that reason. I believe the Mac is still easier to learn to use and would be better for these people. It is still preferred for desktop publishing, graphics and Photoshop users as far as I can tell. And many people will want to use scanners for their old photographs and in writing their family history.

There are a few more things that I would like to see in Reunion and I wonder if it might be a good idea to ask your readers what would improve whatever their genealogy software is. Better reports, charts, slide shows, etc.? What they like and don’t like about their programs. Maybe the software companies will listen.

Also, I do wish all the data CDs were available for Macs — some are. And there is Virtual PC, which a friend has gotten so that she can use the CDs.


via e-mail

Editor’s note: Don’t miss our review of the new Reunion program for Mac users on page 69 of this issue. We also review the latest version of Generations for Windows, on page 64. But we’re not biased toward PCs — every issue of Family Tree Magazine is created using Macs!

You Asked for It

I’d like to know if you plan on doing any articles on Poland. My father’s parents were from Poland and I’m interested in any information I can get on the area. I have even written to cousins who still live there. Some of my research goes back as far as the early 1500s. But I’m having a hard time find old maps of Poland because it has changed so much over the course of these years.


via e-mail

Editor’s note: You’ll find just what you asked for starting on page 32. Readers, what other ethnic ancestries would you like to see?

Beating the Brick Wall

I have been getting your magazine since it came out. I have enjoyed each and every issue. The 129 Web sites in the June issue were great. I have hit my brick wall, but I expect to overcome that with the oncoming issues of Family Tree Magazine.


Loyall, Ky.

Can’t Put It Down?

I just am so enthused about your magazine. I take it with me to my daughter’s soccer practice and read it at stoplights too. I have even taken on the joy of helping a friend find his Italian roots. Keep up the excellent work.


via e-mail
From the December 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine