Making Connections: German Roots Resources

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More trip tips

“Willkommen to Your German Roots” in the April issue was great. We did a bit of research in Germany. Here are a few notes we’d add:

• International Driving Permits are not needed in Germany. France, Austria and the Czech Republic are more strict.

• Many stores mark their merchandise in deutsche marks and euros. The euro price provides easy conversion, as one euro equals approximately one US dollar.

• To locate present-day towns, MapQuest <> is a great help.

• IBIS Hotels are a good buy: (800) 221-4542, <>. For car rental we used Sixt Car Rental, (800) 472-3325.

• The Oktoberfest in Kitchner, Ont., <> is known as the largest outside of Germany.

Boyertown, Penn.

Willkommen to the Web

This is the most amazing magazine that I have ever read on genealogy. I am new to trying to trace my family tree, so I look for anything that will make my search easier. Your premiere issue was very informative for chasing elusive Irish ancestors. Then I find the April issue only to find more German Web sites than I would have believed possible. I’m sure that they will make my search much easier. A couple of your German Web sites don’t seem to work, however. Can you help?

via e-mail

Editor’s note: The address for one of the German-English dictionaries in our April issue, page 39, was missing a hyphen. The correct address is <>. We check every Web address in Family Tree Magazine, but sometimes errors slip through and often Web sites move after we go to press. If you run into a problem with a Web address, check the listings on our site <>, where we update links as errors and changes are drawn to our attention; German sites are at <>

Correction:The name of European Focus proprietor James Derheim was misspelled in our June “Time Travel” feature. You can contact him for genealogy tour information at Box 550, Bountiful, UT 84011-0550, <>, (800) 401-7802 or (801) 397-0686. We apologize for the error.

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