Making Connections: June 2003

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Scoring the Scorecard

Thank you for the informative article on the features of various genealogy software (February 2003). I have used the software I started with years ago, and upgrade yearly — and like many, have wanted features that just were not there. Your article helped me find a program with a quick, simple and much-needed chronological data sheet on each individual-something that benefits all researchers.

Katrina B. Weed

via e-mail

Mac handicap? On the contrary, the handicap I see and contend with is the PC-only bias this publication demonstrates in almost every issue. PCs are not the only platform, and as we Mac users know, they certainly are not the best. How about employing a Mac-savvy writer who’d proof the magazine’s articles and provide for Mac inclusion? Better yet, save time, money, and improve efficiency by converting your shop to an all-Mac environment, as many publishing houses traditionally are. PC bias aside, I still look forward to every issue.

James Wherrett

Omaha, Neb.

Editor’s note: We received a number of letters from Mac users disappointed with the coverage of Mac programs in our genealogy software comparison. We’re not biased against Macintosh — family Tree Magazine is created entirely on Macs! Our coverage reflects the software that’s produced in the field, which is over whelmingly for PCs. We hope you enjoyed the review of Reunion’s new version 8 — written by a veteran Mac enthusiast — in our April issue.

Out of the Red, into the Black

Another option for saving slides that have turned red (Now What?, February 2003): My Epson scanner recognizes and scans them as negatives. In Microsoft Picture It! 2000, I click Effects-Negative, which turns them back to positives, often with good color. If not, I convert them to black and white. I also have turned discolored prints to black and white when they wouldn’t clean up.

Beth Beck

Boise, Idaho

Correction: The photo on page 51 of our February 2003 issue shows the Central State Historical Archive in Lviv, not in Kiev as indicated. Our apologies for the error.

From the June 2003 Family Tree Magazine