Making Connections May 2011

Making Connections May 2011

Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

Taste of home

I can identify with Nancy Wofford’s story about her grandmother’s butter and sugar sandwiches in Everything’s Relative in the March 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine. When I was growing up in Massachusetts, it was a single slice folded over, and was referred to as “bread and butter and sugar and shut up!”

Jean E. Miller » Arlington, Vt.

Type away

Just received your March 2011 issue in which you reviewed Family Tree Maker 2011. I noticed that the review did not discuss that program’s word processor function. I recently tried to use the 2010 version to include a lot of narrative family history in a book. The word processor is the most primitive one I have ever encountered. I think it would be appropriate for your reviews to discuss the word processor functions in your future software reviewers. Otherwise, I really enjoy your magazine.

Doug McClure » via e-mail

Calendar correction

The calendar for December (page 66) in the January 2011 issue lists the first night of Hanukkah as Dec. 1. That was the date that the holiday began last year, but in 2011, it begins at sundown on Dec. 20. Because the date is determined by the Hebrew calendar (25th day of Kislev), it’s celebrated on a different date on our secular calendar every year. This mistake aside, I have to say that this was one of your better issues — lots of great info. I especially enjoyed the article on the use of Google Earth and look forward to trying it out.

Sheryl Levin » via e-mail

Update: The web address for the online Automotive Family Tree, listed in the November 2010 Genealogy Insider article “Genealogy: Not Just for Humans,” is

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From the May 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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