Making Connections: Playing cards, Macs

Making Connections: Playing cards, Macs

Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

Card Trick

In the January 2008 issue, Dana Schmidt’s “Wrapped in the Past” article included a picture of playing cards made with nine different pictures. None of the four Web sites listed in the article offer cards in that style. Can you tell me which service was used? I think it would be much better to use nine pictures instead of one.

Jodie L. Summers
Fort Worth, Texas

Editor’s note: The playing cards came from Shutterfly <>. To make cards in a similar style, use photo-editing software (such as Photo-shop) to combine as many images as you like into a collage, then you can upload that one image when you create the cards. Also, Shutterfly (not Photoworks <>) offers the Martha Stewart photo books described in the article.

Close the Windows

Concerning your “Software Test Kitchen” article in the January 2008 issue: I was disappointed you didn’t include a genealogy program for Mac users. I realize Macs don’t have as big a selection of family tree software as PCs, but it would be nice to know that Mac users are thought about. I didn’t even bother to read the article once I saw that no program for a Mac was included in the test. Sometimes I feel like you don’t even think about those of us who chose a Mac computer over a PC.

Susan Collard
Mesquite, Texas

Editor’s note: We promise, we’re not biased against Macs-in fact, our editorial staff uses them exclusively here at the Family Tree Magazine offices. So why didn’t we include Mac programs in our January software feature? The premise was to offer head-to-head comparisons by people who’d tried all the programs covered in the article. To include Mac programs, our panel participants would’ve had to use both Macs and PCs, and our volunteer testers all used only Windows. But we’ll be giving equal treatment to Mac genealogy software: Watch for a similar comparison in our July 2008 issue.

Correction: Our March 2008 report on Cook County, Ill.’s vital records digitization project misidentified county clerk David Orr. We regret the error.

From the May 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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