Making Connections: Prussia, Web How-tos, Southwestern Roots

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Changing Places

Your answer to the “Prussian Places” question in the Now What? section (June 2004) has some interesting information. But it’s not necessary to “translate” your once-German village’s name into the modern Polish name.

The Web site <> has a German-to-Polish, Polish-to-German index to names of localities in Poland and Russia. It’s in English and very easy to use. I, too, had town names from West Prussia (Pasewark and Steegen) that I found modern names for (Jantar and Stegna) on this site.

Another English-language Web site, Polish Roots <>, is an excellent place to discover more about Prussia and its history. I believe Polish Roots has a link to the place-name index at <>, as well as many others to investigate.

Kathleen Andres
Albany, NY

Casting a Wider Net

Really enjoy your magazine. I subscribed to it after I found my first copy at the bookstore. It’s great. You’re doing a good job.

Being a senior citizen, I’m not as quick as I used to be. How to use many Internet sites isn’t obvious to me. I find the whole magazine interesting, but I find the how-to Web articles to be the most useful.

I would like to see more examples on how to actually use a site in future issues.

G.E. Lang
via e-mail

Seeking Southwestern Roots

Since I started receiving your e-mail magazine, I have never read any articles on genealogy in the Southwest. The Spanish sent colonists to New Mexico Territory as early as 1568. Yet all you seem to do is tell us how to trace our ancestors of English, Irish and Scottish descent. There are a lot of genealogy enthusiasts of Spanish descent in the Southwest and as far east as Virginia, where I now reside. As for me, my forefathers have been traced to 1645 in New Mexico Territory. I am still considered Hispanic, but how American can one get?

Joann Guerrero Bedeaux
via e-mail

Editor’s note: You’ll find a guide to tracing Southwestern roots in this issue.

From the August 2004 issue of Family Tree Magazine.