Medical Match-up

Medical Match-up

Can you match the archaic medical condition with its modern definition?

Names for medical maladies have changed over the years with advancements in medicine. Can you match the archaic condition (top) with its modern definition (below)? Answers are at the bottom of the page.
Archaic condition
1. Rheumatic fever

2. Scarlatina
3. Sugar diabetes
4.  Pleurisy
5. Phytogenic fever
6. Cachexia
7. Black lung
8. Dry bellyache
9. Apoplexy
10. Marsh fever
11. Dipsomania

12. Flux
Modern definition
a. Sudden brain impairment, as in a stroke
b. Typhoid fever
c. Inflammation of the membrane around the lungs, often from pneumonia
d. Diabetes mellitus
e. Diarrhea
f.  Wasting away from poor nutrition due to illness
g. Fever, swollen joints and inflammation of heart valves
h.  Lead poisoning
i. Malaria
j. Scarlet fever
k. Anthracosis

l. Alcoholism
1. g, 2. j, 3. d, 4. c, 5. b, 6. f, 7. k, 8. h, 9. a, 10. i, 11. l, 12. e

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