Michigan History and Research Overview

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French explorers were the first Europeans into the area that’s now Michigan, which the Ojibway, Saginaw, Menominee, Wyandot, Ottawa and other Indian tribes had long occupied. In 1688, Jacques Marquette organized the first permanent settlement at Sault Ste. Marie. Fort Pontchartrain, established in 1701, would later be renamed Detroit. The French gave up possession of the area in 1763 to the British, who discouraged settlement just as the French had.

In 1787, the United States acquired the area and added it to the Northwest Territory, but the British retained control of Detroit and Mackinac. In 1796, when Gen. Anthony Wayne took Detroit, all of Michigan was in US hands.

Michigan became part of Indiana Territory in 1800. In 1805, Michigan territory was formed. In 1836, the disputed “Toledo Strip” of land five to seven miles wide on Michigan’s southern border was granted to Ohio

Early settlers came mainly from Canada, New York, Ohio and the New England states. Michigan became the 26th state in 1837, and the population continued to expand. By 1850, large numbers of German and Dutch immigrants were arriving. In subsequent years immigrants continued to pour into Michigan, especially Scandinavian, Irish, Cornish, Polish and Italians, many working in mining and lumbering camps. Eventually, the growth of Detroit and its auto industry would pace the industrial growth of the country.

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Michigan state map with county outlines



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