MyHeritage DNA Quest to Help Adoptees Find Birth Families

By Andrew Koch Premium
The MyHeritage DNA Quest project will give 15,000 adoptees free DNA kits.

Update: At RootsTech 2019, MyHeritage announced the availability of 5000 additional DNA kits to help adoptees and others find their biological families. Click on the DNA Quest link below to learn more and submit an application.

Adoptees rejoice! At the RootsTech 2018 conference, MyHeritage announced a new project that will help adoptees reconnect with their birth families. As part of the MyHeritage DNA Quest initiative, the company will give away 15,000 free DNA kits to adoptees.

The 15,000 kits, which are more than $1 million all together, will be given to selected applicants on a first-come, first-service basis. The project is open to adoptees and those who are looking for relatives put up for adoption. MyHeritage has also said it will give preference to applicants in need of financial assistance.

The MyHeritage team has assembled an advisory board of experienced genetic genealogists to support the project. Members of that board include Blaine T. Bettinger (the man behind The Genetic Genealogist and The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy), CeCe Moore (creator of the DNA Detectives and DNA consultant for Finding Your Roots) and Richard Hill (author of the bestselling Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets of My DNA). 

In the future, DNA Quest may expand to include others searching for birth families, such as donor conceived persons. In the mean time, you can buy a MyHeritage DNA kit on the company’s website.

DNA Quest expands upon MyHeritage‘s previous pro bono efforts in reuniting families. The company has donated more than 1,200 kits to help adoptees in the Israeli Yemenite community connect with long-lost family members.

Learn more about DNA Quest and get on the waitlist.