Name Translation Chart: Compare Names Across Languages

By Editors of Family Tree Magazine Premium

William? Guillaime? This name translation chart will help you sort out first names across different languages.

Researching your ancestor in different countries? Languages often have their own versions of first names, and these variations can trip you up. Some translations are obvious, such as Mary to the German Marie. But you might not immediately recognize others, such as William to the French Guillaume. This name translation chart lists how twenty of the most common first names in English translate across five languages. Simply find your ancestor’s name, then move left or right along the chart to determine how that name might have “translated” into a different language.

By studying the different ways in which your ancestor’s name might appear, you can broaden your research horizons and more easily find ancestors in records.

AndrewAndreasAndreasAndréAndrzej, JędrzejAnders, Andreas
CatherineKat(h)arinaCatherina/EcaterinaCatherineKatarzynaCaterina, Kat(h)arina
EdwardEduardEduardusÉdouardEdward, Edek, EdzioEdvard
ElizabethElisabethElisabethaÉlisabethElżbieta, IzabelaElisabet, Isabel
GeorgeGeorg, JürgenGeorgiusGeorgesJerzy, JurekGeorg, Gøran/Jørn, Jørg(en)
James/JacobJakobIacobus, IacomusJacques, JacobJakub, KubaJacob/Jakob
JaneJohannaIoannaJeanneJoanna, JaninaJoana, Johanna, Janne
JohnJohann/HansIoannes/IonathanJeanJan, Janek, JanuszHans, Ivan, Jan, Johan(n)
LawrenceLorenz, Laurenz, LaürntLaurentiusLaurentLaurencjusz, Laurenty, WawrzyniecLars, Laurits/Lauritz, Lorens
Lewis/LouisLudwigLudovicus, AloysiusLouisLudwik, AlojzyLudvig
MargaretMargaretaMargaritaMarguerite/MargotMałgorzata, MałgosiaMargareta, Marit, Margit
MatthewMatthäusMatthaeusMatthieuMaciej, MateuszMathias, Matteus
MaryMaria/MarieMariaMarieMaria, MarzenaMaria, Maiken
MichaelMichael/MichelMichaelMichelMichałMikael, Mikkel
NicholasNikolaus, NicklausNicolausNicolasMikołajNiklas, Nils

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