Nine Windows Genealogy Software Programs

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Ancestral Quest

Family Ties

Family Origins

Family Tree Maker

Generations Grande Suite

Legacy Family Tree

The Master Genealogist

Personal Ancestral File

Ultimate Family Tree

What about Macs?
If you’re a Macintosh user and deeply into genealogy, the limited choices of genealogy programs may be enough to push you into Bill Gates’ clutches. Of the programs listed above, only Family Tree Maker and PAF have Mac versions, and the Mac version of Family Tree Maker lags far behind its Windows counterpart in features. There’s also one full-featured Mac-only program, Reunion.

Family Tree Maker (v. 3.02)

Personal Ancestral File


The Stareware Alternative
Want to try out a program before committing yourself to it? Download these popular shareware genealogy programs and give them a test run before you buy.

Brother’s Keeper

Kith & Kin