November 2011 Making Connections

November 2011 Making Connections

Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

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I agree with Dutch Meyer about the haves and have-nots in the September 2011 Making Connections. But that’s where we part ways. If he wants to stop watching “Who Do You Think You Are?” that’s his right. But I think he’s being myopic. We may not have the resources to travel, but we can learn from others’ travels. I am pretty much homebound because of a medical situation, but that hasn’t stopped me from growing my family tree. I have in excess of 14,000 individuals on my tree and growing, and I’ve done at least 90 percent of it from my armchair. 
Harvey Koenig, Mesa, Ariz.

Second Chances
The September issue of Family Tree Magazine came in the mail yesterday. Your 101 Websites list included a few that are new to me–awesome! Our kids are huge Lord of the Rings fans, so thanks to the “Family Drama” piece, we’ll have a link to look at together. The article on tombstone care was chock-full of information and easily digestible. Second Life? I’ll give it a second look. The first time I tried to access it, it didn’t like Macs or Safari.
Corlis Hicks, via Facebook
Editor’s note: According to the Second Life system requirements, Mac owners can now play the game. You just need to have an Intel-based system running OS 10.5 or newer with an AVI or NVIDIA graphics card.

Fictional Families
Just got the September 2011 issue in the mail, and I liked the “Family Drama” item in the Genealogy Insider. It’s true–you do start wondering about fictional characters’ ancestry. You forgot one famous one that’s been done: Nancy Drew. Collectors of the books have “researched” Nancy’s genealogy, and some of it’s in The Nancy Drew Scrapbook by Karen Plunkett-Powell (St. Martin’s Press). I don’t think the Hardy Boys have a family tree, though.
Jackie Fry, via Facebook

From the November 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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