November 2010 Out on a Limb: Back to School

By Allison Dolan Premium

Back to School

When I was a high school senior, a newfangled invention came to our hallowed halls of academia: distance learning. Apparently to the dismay of the aspiring engineers and physicists, our school didn’t have a calculus class. So the administration arranged for our students to be able to take another school’s course—while attending class in our own school library. The lectures were beamed from a classroom across town onto TV sets on our premises.
Though I had zero interest in integrals or derivatives, I recall thinking, “What a great idea. This could really catch on.” 
And so it did. Now you can earn a college degree without ever stepping foot in an academic institution—you do it all on the internet.
And online learning isn’t limited to degrees and diplomas. Case in point: At our Family Tree University virtual “campus,” more than a dozen online genealogy courses are in full swing. As our students’ comments attest, these classes are a lot more fun than calculus:
“[Loved] being able to work online in my bunny slippers early in the morning. Family Tree Magazine is a professional publication that I was sure would deliver professional courses.”
“Thank you for stretching my photography skills and broadening my ideas on what I can do myself with family history materials.”
“Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about my movie. It was fun to make, and comments like that from an expert mean a lot.  I have really loved this class!”
“I’m looking forward to more Family Tree University courses; they are wonderful!”

If those endorsements aren’t incentive enough to check out our classes, see our 10 reasons to enroll in a Family Tree University course. And here’s No. 11: The curriculum is totally calculus-free.

Allison’s top three tips from the November 2010 issue
1. Save only meaningful mementos. Your family is more likely to keep a small collection than an unmanageable mess.
2. Sign up for online alerts and RSS feeds. Then you won’t have to hunt down new information—it will come to you.

3. Use a minus sign to exclude words from your Google surname searches, as in -weather in a search for Snows.

From the November 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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