Genealogy in Arkansas Divorce Records

Genealogy in Arkansas Divorce Records

How to find your ancestor's divorce record in Arkansas.

Q. How do you go about finding divorce records in Arkansas?

A. As with most genealogical records, the answer depends on when and where in Arkansas your ancestors got divorced. The Arkansas vital records office has copies of divorce records dating from January 1923, and charges $10 per copy. These records aren’t open to the public at large, however; you must demonstrate that you’re a relative or otherwise entitled to the record. For more information, click here.

Original divorce records remain with the county clerk or circuit court office where the divorce was filed. These offices may have more liberal privacy policies, as well as earlier records. Arkansas County, for example, began keeping divorce records in 1803, while Clay County didn’t start until 1893. For a complete county-by-county list, with addresses to contact, see The Family Tree Sourcebook from the editors of Family Tree Magazine.

From the July/August 2012 Family Tree Magazine

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