Creative Chart Resources

By Rick Crume Premium

Q.Could you please steer me in the right direction? I’m interested in finding different types of blank tree forms. I have access to the standard and fan charts, but I want to make my family tree more original than those.

A: These three companies sell attractive illustrated family tree charts:

  • Petersen Prints carries various pre-printed family tree charts, including a reproduction of an 1888 family tree photo holder and a new 16X20-inch Victorian-inspired five-generation chart. These run $12.95 to $25 each. Visit or call (877) 259-6144 to order.


  • The Tree Maker offers 10 chart styles. Blank versions range from $6.95 to $69.95. (We suggest you pass on the “family coat of arms” varieties—coats of arms were granted to individuals, not families, so there’s no guarantee the arms relate to anyone in your family tree.) Visit or call (270) 881-9080 to order.


  • Paper Tree publishes hand-colored family tree charts that show between four and eight generations for you to fill in by hand. More than 200 designs are available for $12.50 to $26 each. Visit or call (940) 668-6282 to order.