Now What? Online: Free Family Tree Builders

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Q. Do you know of a free website where you can build a family tree without having to submit the data via GEDCOM?

A. There are many sites nowadays where you can choose to type in names or upload a GEDOM to build your tree online. Most let you grant others permission to update the tree and add photos and stories. Some limit free trees to a certain number of names or amount of storage, and some are associated with fee-based record sites.

These are among the major free tree-building services:

Ancestry Family Trees
On site, type in names and dates, upload photos, create a biographical timeline and add stories for each person. A nice benefit here is that you can use your tree to generate a family history photo book using’s MyCanvas service.

You’ll see “shaky leaf” hints thinks a record in its subscription databases matches your ancestor, but you must be a paid subscriber in order to see the record.

This elaborate family networking site lets you create a profile and tree, add photos and video, make timelines, and do a host of other things. It’s free unless you want a Geni Pro account, whose benefits include priority tech support.
This free family tree builder is part of the British records subscription- and pay-per-view site FindMyPast. You can create two trees, each with up to 25,000 individuals and 200 MB worth of photos and other media.
You can download’s free Family Tree Builder software and use it publish your tree. You get up to 250 names free, and you can add photos and let others add to your tree.

Tribal pages
The free service lets you add an unlimited number of names, however, it limits the number of photos you can upload without paying. You can add stories, let family and friends add to your page and print charts.

This streamlined site from Israel-based Familiality lets you enter information and print a family tree without logging in. To save your information, you must register.

You can choose free services to build your online tree and add photos. The subscription service lets you see results of searches in others’ trees and access other resources on the site.

Facebook apps including FamilyBuilder’s Family Tree and We’re Related also let you build trees to add to your Facebook profile.