Legacy 4.0 Basics

Legacy 4.0 Basics

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Q. I’m a novice when it comes to using a computer. I downloaded the free Legacy 4.0 program from the Internet, and I’m having great difficulty mastering the simplest operations: I’m unable to print the lines on the tree chart where you enter people’s names. Please advise.

A: Learning to use a new program can be frustrating, particularly if you’re new to computers. You’re using an excellent program, however, and once you become more familiar with it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy all that it can do. Start by entering your family data (don’t forget to add pictures or scanned images). Then explore all the capabilities of the program: Legacy (www.legacyfamilytree.com) can generate pedigree charts, family group sheets, timelines and even an ancestor book. If you want to build a genealogy Web site, Legacy can produce all of the pages for the site, ready to be uploaded to the Internet.

Once you’re familiar with the program’s capabilities, you’re ready to tackle Legacy’s print function. To print a blank pedigree chart, click on Reports on the top menu, then in the pull-down list, click Report Menu (Charts). A box will pop up with tabs for each type of report Legacy can generate. Click the Pedigree tab, select how many generations you want printed per page, then click Blank Report. You can easily check if this is the setup you want by clicking Preview on the right side of the box. If it looks okay, click the print button.

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