Switching to Mac

Switching to Mac

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Q. I’m trying to decide what computer to buy. I was told that Family Tree Maker doesn’t have a Macintosh version, and I have all my files on that program. Has anyone had this problem? My husband would like to upgrade to Mac. Please advise.

A: All of the most-popular genealogy software programs can create a copy of your data in a standard format called a GEDCOM file. A GEDCOM file is usually the best way to share your data with someone who uses a different program, and also makes it possible for you to switch from one program to another—even if you move from a PC to a Mac (or vice versa). Just create a GEDCOM file with one program and open or import it with another one. If you have trouble using the PC-formatted disk on the Mac, you can e-mail the file or burn it onto a CD-ROM. Most of the data should transfer well between programs, but you might have to do a little editing.

Fewer genealogy programs are made for the Mac than for PCs. Reunion (www.leisterpro.com), the most powerful one, compares favorably to the best PC programs and costs as little as $89.

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