Family Tree Posters

Family Tree Posters

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Q. My sister-in-law has been searching for the “family tree” poster-sized form to fill out and frame as a Christmas present. We have searched and searched for over three years! I have one that was purchased about five years ago from a craft store that no longer carries them. Please, if you have any information on where we can get the “family tree” poster-sized form, it would be greatly appreciated!


A. If you can’t locate the company that made your chart, try looking for similar charts at local craft stores and on the Web. Some genealogy bookstores also carry supplies and novelty items, and their online catalogs often include product images. A good starting point is, where you’ll find links to more than two dozen vendors that sell genealogy supplies, charts and forms. Among those with fill-in charts are Everton Publishers at, Ye Olde Genealogy Shoppe at and Genealogical Research Libraries at—Allison Stacy

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