Now What? Wonder Wall

By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Premium

Q. My grandfather’s name is on the Wall of Honor at Ellis Island, even though he arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia. How did his name end up on the wall, and why would it be there if he didn’t arrive at Ellis Island?

A. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is one of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation’s projects. Located on Ellis Island, the wall lists the names of more than half a million immigrants, whose descendants made a monetary contribution to memorialize them by having their names inscribed there. Immigrants didn’t have to come through Ellis Island or the Port of New York to be memorialized. The wall represents almost every nationality, including those who were forced to migrate as slaves, as well as the early colonists. Anyone can have a family name inscribed for posterity at Ellis Island, regardless of when the immigrant came to America or through which port of entry. You can search the names of those honored by going directly to the Wall of Honor Web site <>

From the August 2003 Family Tree Magazine