Object Lessons: On the Bookshelf

By Lauren Eisenstodt Premium

300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, 5th edition, by Linda Campbell Franklin (Krause Publications)

Antiques Roadshow Primer by Carol Prisant (Workman Publishing)

Bloomingdale’s Illustrated 1886 Catalog by Bloomingdale Brothers (Dover Publications)

The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections by A. Bruce MacLeish (Rowman and Littlefield)

Caring for Your Family Treasures by Jane S. Long and Richard W. Long (Harry N. Abrams)

China and Class in America, 1880-1980: From Tabletop to TV Tray by Charles Venable et al. (Harry N. Abrams)

Dictionary of American Hand Tools by Alvin Sellens (Schiffer)

Florence’s Big Book of Salt & Pepper Shakers: Identification & Value Guide by Gene Florence (Collector Books)

The Great American Antique Toy Bazaar 1879-1945: 5,000 Old Engravings from Original Trade Catalogs by Ronald S. Barlow (Dover Publications)

A Guide to Artifacts of Colonial America by Ivor Noel Hume (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Irons in the Fire: A History of Cooking Equipment by Rachael Field (Trafalgar Square Books)

Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 18% (Dover Publications)

Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles by Brian S. Alexander (Krause Publications,)

Victorian Houseware, Hardware and Kitchenware by Ronald S. Barlow (Dover Publications)
From the October 2004 Family Tree Magazine.