Western US Books

By Nancy Hendrickson Premium

California Surname Index: Biographies from Selected Histories by Barbara Ross Close (California Genealogical Society, $39)

  • The Census of 1790: A Demographic History of Colonial California by William Mason (Ballena Press, out of print)
  • Early Oregon Days by Edwin D. Culp (Caxton Printers, $22.95)
  • Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims, volumes 1-5, by Lottie Gurley (Genealogical Forum of Oregon, $7.25 to $9 each, index 75 cents)
  • Germans from Russia, Index of Naturalization Records in Whitman County, Washington, 1860-1942 by Janet Margolis Damm (Palouse Publications, $6)
  • An Index to the Biographies in 19th Century California County Histories by J. Carlyle Parker (Gale Group, out of print)
  • Italians of the American Northwest by Charley Vingo (Pine Orchard, $74.95)
  • Marriage Records of Territorial Pierce County, 1853-1889 (Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society, $14)
  • Oregon Country: Oregon Territory Map Changes (Oregon Genealogical Society, $11)
  • Oregon Guide to Genealogical Sources by Connie Lenzen (Genealogical Forum of Oregon, $25)
  • The Oregon Trail: Yesterday and Today by William E. Hill (Caxton Printers, $12.95)
  • Paper Trails: A Guide to Public Records in California by Stephen Levine and Barbara T. Newcombe (Cir/Cnpa, $18.95)
  • San Francisco Passenger Departure Lists, volumes 1-6, by Peter E. Carr (TCI Genealogical Resources, $15.95 each)
  • Terrible Trail: The Meek Cutoff, 1845 by Keith Clark and Lowell Tiller (Maverick Publications, $14.95)
  • A Useful Guide to Researching San Francisco Ancestry by Kathleen C. Beals (California Genealogical Society, $12)
  • Washington State Atlas of Historical County Boundaries edited by John H. Long (Charles Scribners Sons, out of print)

Contributing editor Nancy Hendrickson also wrote the cover story in the August 2002 issue, 101 best family history Web sites. She lives in San Diego.